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35 hours of comprehensive sessions, including industry-based projects + assessments.


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Any Graduates, Freshers, Engineers, Professionals, Tech Enthusiasts, or Entrepreneurs.


Our specially tailored course focuses on the brilliant concepts of SharePoint and Office 365. It covers best practices of SharePoint with illustrations and provides hands-on experience on the server-side object model, client-side object model, Javascript object model, REST API, Graph API.

Now, one can easily master SharePoint by learning the fundamentals of development and understanding the concept of fulfilling customer needs and expectations for functionality, design, reliability, durability, and price of the product. more...

Course Highlights

   Engaging e-learning platform
   Valued Certification
   Specially designed curriculum
   Top industry experts
   Internship & Placement opportunities
   Prestigious institutional collaborations

     One-on-one student guidance support
     All-time Academic support throughout the course
     Learn at your own pace
   Easy & Convenient learning style
     Hassle-free access to course

Who is this course for?

We welcome Graduates, Freshers, Engineers (any stream), Professionals, Tech Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs and those who see future in Sharepoint industry. There’s a lot behind learning the science of Sharepoint, because of its vast scope and it is expected to be the most sustaining industry in the coming generations.

Course Objectives

Advance learning of SharePoint using real-time examples.

Analyzing the roles and responsibilities of a developer.

Wide range of opportunities and gaining hands-on experience on Office 365 tools.

Course Curriculum

Module-1 | Introduction to SharePoint Online
  • Introduction to SharePoint Online
Module-2 | SharePoint Data Architecture
  • Session-1 | SharePoint Sites, Lists, Libraries
  • Session-2 | Columns,Site Content Types, Site Content Types, Navigation
  • Miniproject-1
Module-3 | SharePoint Access Control
  • Session-1 | Users, Groups, Permissions
  • Assessments of Module-1,2,3
Module-4 | SharePoint as Document Management System
  • Session-1 | Classic
  • Session-2 | Modern
  • Session 3
  • Assessment of Module-4
  • Miniproject-2
Module-5 | SharePoint Out of Box Development
  • Session-1 | Classic
  • Session-2 | Modern
  • Session 3
Module-6 | SharePoint Modern Development
  • Session-1 | Site Designs
  • Session-2 | Site Scripts
  • List View Formatting
  • Assessments of Module-5,6
  • Miniproject-3
  • Major Project-1
Module-7 | SharePoint Classic Development
  • Session-1 | JavaScript basics, jQuery
  • Session-2 | Script Editor
Module-8 | SharePoint Rest API
  • Session-1 | Web CRUD
  • Session-2 | List & Library CRUD
  • Session-3 | Items CRUD
  • Session-4 | Files CRUD
Module-9 | Microsoft Power Automate
  • Session-1 | Basics
Module-10 | SharePoint JSOM & CSOM
  • Session-1 | JSOM
  • Session-2 | CSOM
Module-11 | Share Point Framework
  • Session-1
  • Session-2
  • Session-3
Module-12 | SPFx in Teams
  • Session-1



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Online SharePoint course with extensive teaching methodology


Specialized modules

Benefits of pursuing SharePoint

  • SharePoint is one of the most in-demand courses to learn. It is essential especially for companies who aim to develop online and offline capabilities.
  • It is an enterprise-grade tool designed with security in mind with lots of capacity for intranets, secure document management, process automation, and employee collaboration to name a few.
  • Mastering SharePoint along with Office 365 can be your new skills achievement that can help in building your portfolio and become a well-versed SharePoint Developer in no time.

Mentor - Praveen Pudi

Praveen Pudi is a veteran SharePoint Architect and Office 365 specialist and holds a B.Tech from JNTU, Kakinada. With nine years of experience in SharePoint migration, development, architecture, and maintenance projects, he provides training and consultation as a part of the center of excellence team in his organization. His expertise also includes document management, collaboration, portal creation, and LOB apps in banking, insurance, and energy domains.

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