• An earnest program in entrepreneurship, startup management, and business incubation.
  • Welcome to entrepreneurial India and discover the key financial decisions for the early stages of a startup.


Rs. 25,000 + GST

No Cost EMI Starts

at Rs. 4000/Month


40 hours of online sessions.


Online and Offline


Any Graduates, Freshers, Engineers, Professionals, Tech Enthusiasts, or Entrepreneurs.


The zeal and passion for being an entrepreneur always uplift you to set up innovative ideas. In strengthening the vision of young entrepreneurs, our program fits best to excel in startup management and business incubation. Our program aids in nurturing entrepreneurial skills and develops business acumen, in a well-structured and focused way. The concepts of our tailor-made program foster you to build business plans, make winning deals, scale your organization through trending social media strategies, and, thereby, avails assistance to promote your product in the market.

Program Highlights:

Engaging E-learning platform.
Valued certification.
Specially designed curriculum.
Top-notch expert interactions.
Prestigious institutional collaborations.
Timely assistance throughout the program.
Learning at your own pace.
Easy & convenient learning style.
Hassle-free access to the program.

This program is for YOU

1. Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you are a budding entrepreneur or exploring entrepreneurship to learn the language of the startup world, this program is for you.

2. Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Having just ventured into starting up and willing to gain an overarching framework to evaluate opportunities, manage startups or finance new ventures.

3. Students

As a student, you must explore what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and determine whether starting a business or working for a startup is the right path for you.


  • Ideas and opportunity recognition and assessment
  • Building a business model
  • Financing a business
  • Sources of investment
  • Making a full business plan

Program Objectives:

  • Allows you to experience factual entrepreneurship with open doors for contemporary and creative business opportunities.
  • It enables you to master concepts and helps you speak effectively with investors in the market.
  • Avail assistance to convert your budding business ideas to brand new ideas that raise capital for your venture through our program.
  • Through this program, one can develop a knack for analyzing the financial implications essential during business establishment.
  • Upgrade your knowledge in business research and helps you explore core financial decisions in the initial stages of a startup.
  • Empower entrepreneurs to run structured experiments, and substantiate ideas and concepts to enhance business strategies.

Time to learn with us?

Indeed! It’s a great time to kick-start your business. Approximately two ventures are born every single day, and the young generation is keen to be part of the action. With a motive to create an entrepreneurial India, We at EdifyPath took the initiative to propose earnest and focused programs in entrepreneurship, startup management, and business incubation.

The central and state governments are actively encouraging entrepreneurship through several initiatives. With all this eco-system growth around the development of startups, there really couldn’t be a better time to learn and evolve.

About the Mentor:

Dr. Nandita Sethi is the Founder & MD of The Entrepreneur Zone (TEZ), which is an Entrepreneurship Development Centre and a Startup Accelerator, providing mentorship and consultancy to startups and businesses. She has a doctorate in International Economics and her 28 yrs of experience, she has trained several top/mid-management levels on Global Markets, Business Environment, Corporate Reforms, Marketing Trends, Strategy & Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship. She has authored the book, The Asia Pacific Region: Emerging Opportunities for India and edited the book, Global Meltdown: Regional Impacts and Rethinking India’s Growth Strategy: Services vs Manufacturing”. Since 2015 she is mentoring & consulting startups and budding entrepreneurs through her organization TEZ, which runs programs to help Startups/SMEs. She is a mentor for TiE, GIT, ISB-TEP, CII-IWN, UoH, ICRISAT, WeHub, etc. She has been awarded the TiE Best Mentor Award 2016-17 in the TiE-ISB Connect, the Indywood Business Excellence Award in Nov 2019, and the COWE Excellence Award in March 2021. She is the past Chairperson of CII-Indian Women Network (2019-20), Telangana, which helps women professionals and entrepreneurs. She is also a TEDx speaker. Her organization The Entrepreneur Zone has been adjudged as the top 10 Startup Consultant Organization in India (Silicon India, Nov 2016-17). Many startups have taken mentorship from TEZ and have launched their business. Today her mission is to integrate entrepreneurship training deeply into the existing Educational system so that we see more Startup activities on campuses and create a culture and thinking which is highly entrepreneurial.

Program Fee

Total Admission Fee

25,000 + GST

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