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What are the best programming languages to learn in 2022?

best programming languages to learn in 2022

Programming languages have become an essential skill that has been adding to our resumes since the last decade. Since the world revolves around technology, nearly all job profiles and career options need us to have a basic know-how of coding languages.

Since the advent of globalization and the growth of the IT sector has brought to us well-paying jobs, integrating corporate culture with many benefits and too many other things that we couldn’t deny.

The most significant step for IT aspirants is to learn different types of computer programming languages, to become a good fit for the job market.

That said when the need to learn programming languages knocks on our door, we are mostly perplexed and overwhelmed on where and how to start.

There are so many computer languages in the world of technology nowadays. And all come with their unique traits, intricacies, and benefits in the long haul.

But which programming language to start with?

We bring to you a list of the top programming languages, and why they are in demand in 2022.

Read ahead to choose the best programming language for you!

Top Programming Languages of 2022

1. JavaScript

Java is a general-purpose programming language, ranked the third most popular language among recruiters, and the most in-demand coding language in 2022. If you are an aspiring software developer, learning Javascript is a good career decision for you.

It is the most popularly used software development language in the IT sector. Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram use Java for their development. Since, the world is dependent upon convenient software and applications, mastering the Javascript programming language can be instrumental for your career.

Java is an object-oriented, platform-independent language, which means any program created by you can be run on any operating system, without changing the code. This has made mobile applications and webpages highly accessible, and in great demand among budding businesses.

With the work-from-home gaining rapid popularity, especially in the IT industry during the coronavirus pandemic, developing software and using private company software on personal systems became easy for professionals. This has gained an instantaneous demand for such software, as well, as for developers to feed the WFH culture.

All in all, if you have a creative bent of mind, learning the Javascript programming language is heavily beneficial for your career. You can develop enterprise software, android applications, or go into web development.

2. Python

Like Java, the Python programming language is a free, open-source, high-level programming language. It is a much-preferred choice of most coding enthusiasts due to its user-friendly interface, versatility, and clear, easy-to-learn syntax that resembles the English language. Python is fondly reputed to be the most uncomplicated programming language and at the top of the coding languages list of 2022.

It is a platform-independent coding language, providing immense resilience and flexibility to the coders working on Windows, Linux, or macOS. Adding to its extensibility, Python gives its programmers the liberty to reference other development languages Java, .NET, or C++, and access their libraries.

What makes Python one notch better than programming using Java is that you don’t need to compile your program before running it! It is also not required to specify the data type again and again, after declaring it once.

The demand for Python coders has grown massively in the last five years and is foreseen to rise further in the coming years for all industries. There are several Python programs for beginners available online to learn at ease.

Python is a machine language single-handedly feeding many new-born technologies such as Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Data Science. Developers using Python are paid most handsomely in the industry, according to experience and additional skills. Moreover, web development, software programming can also be done using Python, opening doors for opportunities in various sectors.

3. GO

Golang, another high-level programming language was created by Google to make software development streamlined and uncomplicated. The last few years saw a sudden rise in the popularity of Go due to its readable syntax and efficient problem-solving.

Additionally, Go comes with Goroutines that enhance speed and competence while running multiple programs and functions at the same time, and keeping the code accurate.

Go has become a gold mine of opportunities since programmers from various global enterprises like BBC, Intel, and Uber started using it for its strong security and reliability.

Recruiters have started preferring candidates with commendable know-how of Go because of its ever-growing significance. Google is on a hiring streak for maintaining and expanding Google Cloud which runs on Go.

As a freelancer, and a beginner coder of Go, you’ll be paid very generously as compared to other programming languages.

Go is bursting with highly lucrative opportunities for you. It should be a language on your bucket list of 2022 for sure!

4. PHP

PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) is a 25-year-old the general-purpose, server-side programming language used to develop websites and webpages alongside HTML.

Its capabilities have seen new zeniths per each update due to the features made to gel with the new generation requirements and expectations.

PHP enhances the scale of interactivity of a website and enables the developer to work on its dynamism. It also makes adding functionalities simply by eliminating the process of attaching external data files.

PHP is a popular coding language because compared to other languages, it is very easy to learn. It has a simple syntax and comprehendible commands even for beginners. Adding to its many advantages, it is also an open-source programming language, providing easy accessibility to all.

It is popular for the simple reason that a person with no prior knowledge of the language can make a basic webpage using a single file of PHP. Furthermore, PHP developers are always in demand since WordPress, Facebook, and many other companies along with 80% of web pages still use PHP.

5. Scala

Scala is a very simple coding language to learn especially for beginners who are looking for something easy to start their programming journey with, as well as to be open to employment opportunities.

Scala was created to deal with issues developers faced while programming with Java. It is also a general-purpose programming language, with an option for object-oriented programming and conventional coding. It also provides programmers with additional features like byte code conversion, free execution on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), lazy computation, and type inference, among many others. Its uncanny resemblance to Java with the added convenience is the reason why Scala is one of the favorites among the programmer community.

The scope of learning Scala is wider than you can imagine. Mastery of this programming language opens doors to web development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, etc.

Programmers adept at Scala along with other popular languages are compensated handsomely in the IT industry as well as the freelance industry.


Choosing a programming language that is perfect for your career trajectory is like buying shoes in a shoe shop. Even though you’re surrounded by many colors, sizes, textures not all of them will be the perfect fit for you.

Similarly, even though there is an irrational number of coding languages in use across the world, you have to find a few that fits your personality, your future plans, and your current skill-set.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the best befitting programming language to find the best career paths.

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