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What is Big Data Hadoop? Top Career Insights on Big Data

Big Data is one of the Industries where the market research suggests that there is a huge shortage of talent with the necessary skills required in Big Data tools for job roles like Database Developer, Data Modeler, Big Data Engineer, etc.

Why Should One Take a Professional Big Data Course in 2021?

New technologies that are coming out from the past few years have been increasingly dependent on the huge amount of data that they gather and consume. It is no wonder that most Emerging Technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Edge Intelligence are connected to Big Data in one way or the other.

We are on the verge of new scientific breaks and discoveries that would increase our ability to store, process, and protect data in the next 5 years - Quantum Technologies like Quantum Computing and Quantum Communications have already begun to change the way we look at the Data.

Learning Big Data Tools like Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Storm, Kafka, RapidMiner, etc. can put you in a prime spot for a high-paying career in Big Data.

Did you know that the World Wide Web was invented in 1991? In the last 30 years alone, since the invention of WWW, what we have achieved in terms of technological progress is simply astonishing. Many experts estimate that this decade (2020-2030) would see even faster growth and technological progress in industries like Big Data, AR/VR/XR, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.

With Big Data becoming the core of many business operations, learning the Big Data course in 2021 would be the smartest career choice to make for both freshers and others who are looking for a career change in 2021.

“79% of enterprise executives agree that companies would lose competitive advantage and face extinction if they don’t embrace and inculcate Big Data Practices” - Accenture Reports

What is Big Data Hadoop and How to Learn Big Data Hadoop Online in 2021?

The increasing dependence on Big Data and Big Data Technologies by these companies has opened huge opportunities for people with the required Skills to Interpret this Data and arrive upon patterns and logic that can add huge value to the company.

Learning Hadoop for Big Data is very easy with an online course from Edifypath. Big Data Hadoop Course from Edifypath is designed professionals or students who are looking for a career change or adding a new skill to their resume.

Basic Skills Required to Learn Hadoop for Big Data

Learning Hadoop can be easy with the right guidance and mentorship. However, there are some prerequisites (skills) one needs to know before they can learn Hadoop. But this doesn’t mean non-IT background or freshers can’t learn Hadoop, in fact many freshers without any programming knowledge are successfully learning Hadoop. Anyone can learn Hadoop with the right focus and determination.

Do you need to know Programming to Learn Hadoop for Big Data?

Yes, you need to know basic programming skills like Python or JAVA. Python is widely used and one of the most popular programming languages out there. Unlike JAVA learning Python can be very easy. Java skills are essential to development-related work while Python is more useful for the analysis aspect of Hadoop. But once again, lack of these skills only makes it a little difficult at the beginning but with practice and dedication, it is easy to catch up with the course.

Is SQL Knowledge an Essential Skill to Learn Hadoop for Big Data?

Knowledge of querying using SQL or similar languages for querying is an important skill in Big Data. Most of the existing companies are in the transition stage of adopting the new Big Data technologies with increasing demand for skills like Spark SQL, Impala, etc.

While SQL knowledge helps you understand and learn the Hadoop Course easily and more efficiently, it is by no means a hurdle to learn Hadoop even if you don’t have any existing SQL skills.

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What are the Top 5 Big Data Tools in 2021?

There are more than 20 tools that are being used to understand and structure the huge amounts of existing data with the companies. Every tool has a different purpose, some are used to store data and some to report and analyze, etc. Edifypath’s top 5 Big Data tools are picked after due consideration of skill required in the industry.

  1. Apache Hadoop
  2. Apache Storm
  3. Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop
  4. Cassandra
  5. MongoDB

What are the Different Job Roles and Salaries in Big Data?

As discussed, this decade from (2020- 2021) is set to transform and revolutionize the way many industries are going to function in the future- owing to the power of data and the ability to store and process this data in a systematic way. Acquiring skills relevant to Big Data Industry can land you on a great career path with handsome remunerations.

Big Data Engineer / Big Data Architect

Key skills like Hadoop, MySQL, MongoDB, and Hive form the core tools for Big Data Engineer, who is responsible for designing, building, and managing the models for Big Data. This is one of the key job roles in any company with Big Data infrastructure and ecosystem. Big Data Engineer is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure without any glitches and ensure smooth operations. This dependency on Big Data Engineers is reflected in the salaries they receive, the estimated average annual income for Big Data Engineers ranges from 100,000 USD to 1,50,000 USD.

Big Data Analyst

Big Data Analysts play a crucial supporting role to Data Scientists by procuring and summarizing huge amounts of Data. Data Visualization, Data retrieval systems, Python, HTML, C++, SQL are some of the key skills required to build a successful career as a Big Data Analyst. The average annual income for a Big Data Analyst is around 85.000 USD to 120,000 USD.

Big Data Jobs and Salaries

Job Role Skills Required Average Salary
Business Analyst  Computer Science, Database Management, Degree in Business Analysis related courses. 77,000 USD - 100,000 USD
Statistician Statistics, R Programming, Python, Stata, Hive, SQL 50,000 USD - 150,000 USD
Data Scientist  SAS, Python, SQL, Spark,etc. - expert level. 100,000 USD - 150,000 USD
Machine Learning Engineer Python, Scala, C++, JavaScript, SQL, etc. 90,000 USD - 130,000 USD

Big Data Industry is yet to realize and exploit the full potential it holds for the companies, as we move ahead into the decade with more and more technological innovation facilitating huge growth opportunities.

Stay tuned for more interesting articles on Big Data and the Career opportunities in Big Data from Edifypath!

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